Public institute of Rakovica

This public institute for protected area management for the area of Rakovica Municipality was founded in accordance with the provisions of the Nature Protection Act, through the initiative of the Municipal Council of Rakovica Municipality to protect, maintain, preserve, promote and use the protected natural resources in the area of Rakovica Municipality.

The Institute was registered with the Commercial Court of Karlovac by virtue of the Deed of Incorporation, as a non-profit organization owned by the founder.

The scope of activities of the Institute is regulated by law, Incorporation Deed, By-laws of the Institute and other documents passed by the Institute in accordance with law.

The Institute is managed by the Management Board in accordance with law. According to the resolutions of the Management Board, the Institute is managed by the Director who, together with the representatives of the Municipality, coordinates the overall work within the scope of natural protection in the area of Rakovica Municipality.